Challenges of being transgender

Suicide has become the second cause that leads to the death of teens and young people in Canada and American, according to a study from The American Academy of Pediatrics in 2016. The study has been taken race, age and gender into consideration, but didn't take the depression and effects of teens transgender people into consideration. Study on teens transgender dating community proved that people who are familiar with transgender community already know that transgender people are easy to misunderstood by other people. Transgender kids are especially easy to be isolated by their partners. Most of transgender people feel depressed and helpless in life. Another study from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention showed that the suicide rate of transgender people is ten times as the suicide rate of ordinary people. This study showed that about 40% of transgender people attempt to suicide at some point of their lives, while the average rate of ordinary people who attempt to suicide is about 4%. The reason why most transgender hookup people are isolated and feel depressed in life is obvious. We all know that life for transgender people is not easy, we should help them if we can, however, not everyone can do as what they say.

Everyone in our society really concern about the equal rights based on different race, gender and health condition. While in ts dating community, it is so common to be criticized or diminished by other people. It seems like people in lgbt community don't have the right to be respected and be loved. How can

they have the equal right with ordinary people? This is serious problem that people in lgbt community should face with. Many people cannot understand the acceptance issue of transgender people, because they don't need to deal with this problem in their lives, like tranny date.

Laverne Cox is the first transgender woman who won the Primetime Emmy. She is also a transgender woman who has been bullied when she was a child at primary school. She attempted suicide when she was a child. In August 2017, Laverne Cox worked with several writers and finished the article 'Laverne Cox Will Show You the Long, Intense Fight for Transgender Rights'. She works on transgender issues and aims to help all transgender people fight for their equal rights. Although there are some famous transgender people work for transgender community, more needs to be done to help transgender people to be accepted and respected by other people. Transgender community is a vulnerable group that needs to e concerned by more people. It is true that the suicide rate of young transgender people is higher than average suicide rate of transgender people, because it is difficult for young transgender people to deal with issues of being transgender. Transgender adults are 10 times more likely to attempt suicide than ordinary adults, and transgender teens are more likely to attempt suicide than transgender adults. This is the most serious problem that should be concerned by the society, and it also should be concerned by transgender community.