Translr, The Best Local Hookup App for Trans Dating

In transgender dating field, there are a variety of mobile apps are available for trans people and crossdressers. If you want to find a serious and meaningful ts dating relationship, choosing an app that will works well for you is the important thing. Here, I would like to recommend an amazing local hookup app for trans dating which name is Translr.

Brief view on Translr

Translr is a brand new trans dating app which have released recently. For now it has gained tons of members from all around the world. It has been one of the most popular ts dating apps. No matter you are transgender people, transsexuals and crossdressers, you can find like minded beings and make friends with them, even you can find the love of your life. Because of its unique, Translr has attracted a large number of real and active members who will use this app almost every day. So, if you are a transgender people, you will find it is easy to meet others who are very open minded about ts hookup relationship. What is the best part of this online dating app is the way people here treat each other in a friendly and support way.

Features of Translr

Match system

Unlike other traditional dating apps, Translr provides its members with a unique match system named quickmatch which is both powerful and convenient. It is very simple to use. Even if you are new one to here, with the navigation you are able to learn how to like or pass members by swiping right or swiping left. This powerful system do the select job for members, it can not only save time for people, but also help select most suitable partners for them. Once there is a match between you and the other one, you will be notified and you two can start to chat and get to know each other.

Signup process

For new members, the first step they are required to do is signing up their personal profiles in order to log in for basic features for free. For now Translr is available on the App Store. So you can install this ts dating app on your iOS devices. The whole signup process will take people only a few minutes to complete the profiles. All the information them need to add is basic such and user name, email and picture, etc. And the preference of potential partners is the mandatory information. Moreover, Translr allows members to pass the verification by uploading a photo with their entire face and the thumb-up.


For most transgender people, transsexuals and crossdressers who are seeking for ts dating partners, Translr is the best alternative. With these useful free features and powerful search system, users are supposed to find their suitable dating partner and arrange their date off line. In order to provide much better service for members, the development team of Translr will try their best to release new optimizations adding new features to make it better and better. If you don't know which apps will work for you, come to Translr and give it a try.