Dating Tips for men when dating with Transsexual Women

There are lot of things talk about transsexual dating and relationship between a cis men and transsexual women. While you are in your date or not, one thing you must know about your self is your behavior. You must know how to behave publically or when you are on a date, you have to show your manners or etiquettes that basically reflect your character that what kind of personality you are?

When you are on your first date with a transgender woman, you must know that your first impression will help you to manage a long term relationship with your dating partner. You might also heard a proverb -"first impression is your last impression". So, if you really want to have an amazing dating experience with your trans date, you must be very sure about your behavior and the activity you do while you are on a date with your partner. Here are few points that you must show your manners or etiquettes in proper way so that your date will won’t leave you because you are not well mannered or well behaved. Here are the tips.

Your Dressing sense - Dress is one of the major factors that impress other person to whom you are interacted. You often see in daily life, Dressing is basically depending on the situation, occasion or the place where you are going to meet your date. So, it's quite better to dress appropriately and try to look nice when you are on a date. If you don't have any idea that what should you were while going on a date than surely it's better to take help from the best available source you have. As you are on your first hookup so try to choose a place where casuals are quite fine and go with the same idea on your first date. Along with the dress you also need to take care of the place where you are going to meet for first time. Make sure it’s a public place and have enough space for you to talk freely without any disturbance or anybody inference.

Avoid Alcohol or much alcohol - It's your first date and quite obvious you should avoid alcohol. It's better if you are not including alcohol in your first drink. But if so, make sure you know your limit and won't be exceeding from three or less. It's understood that, it's your first date and you are looking for alcohol to calm yourself and bring your confidence level high. But make sure it won't affect your date and you must represent your best side to your partner.

Avoid any discussion that ends up on gender preference - You must respect your date and never ask any questions or raise an argument especially when you are on a transsexual date. Transsexuals are already suffered a lot and always discriminated by society for their gender identity, so at least in your first date, avoid any conversation that highlight gender preference.

Cougar dating, Not a Taboo, But a Trend

In 2013, perspecTVchannel released a video on Youtube: Cougar dating, still a taboo or not, which talks about a rather sensitive topic back then. Now, cougar dating is long-past the taboo period. It is considered as a trend. Increasing number of people is joining the cougar dating rank. According to the users' data in CougarD, a top local hoop up app, the number of members is increasing by nearly 38% per month. Cougars are looking for young, passionate and good-shaped cubs, while cubs are into the mature, sophisticated and sexy cougars. Each party has their own preference and each of them gets want they want.

There are so many cougar hookup examples and some of them ended up in marriage. Who doesn't want young, handsome men with good hair as their boyfriend. Some just do not like to admit it. There's nothing wrong with having preference towards men or women not in your age and there's no law against it. For example, you are a woman over 40, provided that there are two men standing in front of you. Both have huge crush on you. One with good hair, good-shaped body and handsome face without a trace of wrinkle on it, but the problem is that he's only 25. 

The other with a protruding belly, a bald head just like the Mediterranean Sea, and an outdated outfit with an age of 45. If you say you are just into that type of old men, that is absolutely OK. But to be honest and objectively speaking, for most women, even men, it is no doubt that the younger man is more competitive than the older one. If it's not for the public's opinion, I think most women would like to give the younger one a shot, even if it turned out to be not quite the ticket. It's worth it. But for those who choose the older one, they are just going for the safe choice. There's nothing wrong with it.

What is pop star Madonna and Queen Elizabeth have in common? Just as perspecTVchannel said on Youtube, they've both at one point been referred to as being a cougar. Cougar is a term used to describe middle-aged women that go after the affections of younger men. It seems that this cougar dating trend goes particular popular in the celebrity world. Such as TV presenter Caroline Flack, Hollywood actress Demi Moore, and especially pop star Madonna who is 51 and with an age gap of 28 years between her and cub Jesus.

Not only in celebrities, in the history, there are also many examples of significant people being a cougar and dating a younger boyfriend. For example, the Empress of Russia caffeine, the great courting a series of young adult men throughout her lifetime, including one Prince Zubov with an age gap of 40 years. No wonder she was called the great. The grand title for the most famous cougar in history must go to Queen Elizabeth, the first of England. Although often was referred to as the virgin Queen, she certainly was touched more than one time. In 1581, the Queen shared her royal bed with Francois, duke of Anjou, a 26 years old young man, according to perspecTVchannel.

Life is short, enjoy a romance. Be with whatever you like. If possible let the world judge. Who cares! Just

The Best Blogs From Big Girls

Blog is a social network, which was born in about 10 years ago. It has become a platform for people to express their own ideas and share their feeling with others. Chubby girls are not always confident enough to express themselves, but some of them are willing to share their life and experience with others. If you are a big girl, here are some great blogs for you.

1. Plus-Size Princess
The owner of this blog is Cece. She is from Nigeria and living in New York now. Her blogs are not only about ups and downs of her weight but also something about fashion. She says" we can live as we like" and her blogs can inspire people very much. Please check for the detail information about her blog. You can follow her Instagram or YouTube if you want to know more about her.

2. Big Curvy Love
The owner of this blog is Kelly Glover, a plus sized girl from LA. She is sexy and independent. Her blogs are main about fashion and beauty like, how to become attractive and how to find a perfect man? Big girls can learn a lot through her blogs, and her blogs are very popular now.

3. Daily Venus Diva
Daily Venus Diva is a popular blog among big girls. It's a mixture of fashion, beauty and daily news. The rich contents attracted many girls, since it's very useful for not only big girls but also almost all kinds of people. Please check to find something you want.

4. Confessions of a Fat Girl
The owner of this blog is a big girl from Los Angeles. She is a senior blog user. She started to write blog very long before. Her blogs are main about jazz, and how to live a happy life as a big girl, But recently, her blogs are something about politics. Here are some detail information about her blogs on

5. Fat Girl Dating a Skinny Guy
The owner of this blog shares her hookup dating experience with others in a relaxed and humorous way. Her blogs tell big girls how to overcome all kinds of difficulties and date with skinny guys. Her blogs are very popular. You can get detail information by checking

6. The Big and the Beautiful
This is a blog with a positive attitude. It insists on everyone is equal. No matter fat or slim, everyone has the right to enjoy your life. As a big girl, you can also attract guys by your great hobbies and special inner part. It's certain that everyone can find the right one they want. Please check for more information.

7. Large and Lovely
This blog was established in 1997. It's not only club for big girls to meet someone and have a chubby date but a safe platform to learn something useful. Duo to its long history, this site has a large number of followers now, if you want to be one of them, please visit and join in.

What are Common Mistakes While Dating a Transsexual Women?

Dating a transsexual woman leads many things. If you are dating a transsexual or it's your first time to have the trans dating, you must know how to impress a transgender woman. Few men with thoughts that transsexual women are easy to pick and quite comfortable to hang out with them but this is not as simple as they think. In fact, dating a transsexual woman is one of the hardest things that I found in terms of dating as compared to cis women. If you want a successful transsexual dating, first you need to know about transsexual women and likes or dislikes. Make sure that you won't include anything that may ruin your date night or you may also lose your dating partner forever. Before trying or implementing anything in your first transsexual dating night, it is best to give time to you and your transsexual friend as well so that you both will know and understand each other and the relationship between you two will go for long.

However, doesn't matter if you are dating a transsexual for the first time or you are experienced in transsexual dating and already date many transsexual women before that. There are many common mistakes that any men can do unintentionally while chatting in a flow.

Here are some common mistakes that you must avoid while dating a transsexual women on your first shemale date.

Never treated your transsexual friend that she is below than you and you are far better than her.

If you think that she is a transsexual woman that makes her below than you and you are cis gender that makes you far better as compared to transsexual women than surely you are not on a right track and or might not be a perfect candidate for a transsexual hookup. This may be your first and last date with a transsexual woman if you keep these things in your mind. Each and every human in earth is equal and have equal rights. Being a transsexual isn't mean that they are below than you and not considered to be human and you can easily discriminate them.

If you want to make your transsexual dating a big hit, then surely you need to change your mentality in terms of transsexual dating and transsexual women.

Self respect - Self respect is another important thing that every human has and they never want to compromise with their self respect. It is important to respect your dating partner in front of your friends, family or relatives especially in public areas. If you are not paying respect to your transsexual friend and call her at Shemale, Ladyboy or any other insulting term, then surely this must be your last transsexual date with her. Any transsexual woman having some sort of self respect won't tolerate these terms from anyone especially in public areas.

So, select your words gently and enjoy your transsexual date. There are many more common mistakes that you need to avoid. Read the 2nd part of this article to know more about transsexual dating common mistakes.

Things to Watch Out for When Dating A Transgender Person

Dating is something that everyone who is looking for love and ready to fall in love will do. Transgender people now have more options for trans dating because they can find it through a variety of dating sites. All you have to do on these sites is click on the mouse and start chatting with someone you are interested in. Before dating, make sure he or she knows you're a transgender person. When you've made a date, here are a few things that will make it a lot happier and smoother.

Have Good Vibes

Smile- It's important to smile when you meet your hookup date for the first time, which can give you a positive aura of happiness.

Be appreciative- Try to find something to appreciate in your date. Make him or her feel good.

Feel relaxed- Relax, you don't know if your date is a good match. Enjoy your day in comfort.

Learn Good Communication Skills

Listen carefully- Listening intently to your date will create a better emotional connection than a lot of what you say.

Talk about something that you are all very interested in- Talk about a topic you both really like, and talk about it together and laugh together, which makes your conversation natural and enjoyable.

Know Your Boundaries

Don't expect too much- Think about it. If you just think of it as a regular tranny date with few expectations, you'll be pleasantly surprised if she or he is truly your destiny partner. On the contrary, if you expect too much, you will be disappointed when you find out after the date that the person is completely different from what you expected.
Keep your time to a minimum- Don't date all day because it will reduce the excitement when your date sees you again.

Leave- If your date has a bad attitude about you, why go on? Walk away with your head held high.

Know Some Don'ts

Don't assume- Don't assume that your date knows that you are transgender and you can stop mentioning that you are transgender to demonstrate your sincerity.
Don't talk about sensitive topics- To avoid misunderstanding and discrimination, you should not talk about sensitive topics like politics and religion with your date on the first date.

Don't complain- Complaining about spoons, food or restaurant conditions can be annoying to your date.

Don't open up about everything you do- It's important to be open and honest in order to gain trust, but it's never wise to say everything about you on the first date. The bad thing is that if you share bad experiences about yourself and your ex that will only make a bad impression on your date, it might make your date think you're not ready for your next relationship.

Don't move too fast- Dating is a process of getting to know each other, and you shouldn't expect intimacy with someone you just. Take your time and enjoy the day.
After a date, there's always acceptance or rejection. It's great if someone wants to date you again. But you shouldn't feel bad when the rejection comes. Know that your life will not end here.

How to Enjoy an Incredible Threesome

So today we are going to talk about threesome. Throw back to 20 years ago, talking about threesome dating will simply shock everyone or make them suffocate in disbelief, however today, it's no longer a taboo and might be a must-try in every open-minded guy or girl's sexual bucket list. And in order to cater to the needs of a tremendous amount of people who would like to try out the threesome lifestyle, or swing lifestyle, whatever you call it, there are a huge number of newly emerged couples dating app for either couples seeking for women or women seeking for couples. No matter what kind of kinky dating you are looking for, the online dating site for polyamorous dating will always have the answer. However, regardless of the platform for those who are in search of a swinging lifestyle, there are a few more three way dating tips which guarantees you a hot, steaming, last but not least, enjoyable three way sex.

According to a recently conducted survey about bisexual dating among the ones who are looking for three way partner, four out of ten swingers made the situation pretty awkward by proposing the willing of a threesome in a wrong way. Because they always tend to forget that not every one is up for a, let's say, wife sharing or wife threesome experience. There is nothing wrong with being a little bit old fashioned but it’s always more respectful to test the water first. For example, asking your partner's opinions while citing the example of others is a great and subtle way. By pointing at the latest scandal of the famous actress and tell your partner while observing her reaction: "Can you even believe that Brat Pitt had a hot steaming threesome while spending the summer in his villa in France? I didn't know that he was into this kind of kinky dating experience. Hah, Not gonna lie, I would actually love to see the scene of threesome hookup."

If you are lucky enough that your partner is also on the same page with you and is looking for a threesome, let's get to the second most important thing: set the ground rules. It probably seems to be a little bit weird to engage rules in supposedly casual sex, the according to the dating expert on tinder for threesomes and tinder for couples, setting the ground rules will be of great help to avoid major conflicts as well as jealousy. And this requires completely honesty to make your all your threesome partners are on the same page with you, which will also help avoid all the potential misunderstandings.

Last but not least, always have protected threesome sex when you just get to know the third party. Because I'm sure none of you would ever risk you own health of the one of your partner over a casual threesome dating.

Essential Tips for Successful BBW Dating

So, it's your first BBW date and you are quite excited to see your cool and beautiful BBW woman. Beside this, you are on your first fat dating and also feeling nervous along with the excitement. Don't worry, BBW woman aren't different from other woman. They like the same things that other woman likes and behaves the same. Yes, they is bit insecurity in BBW when they are in public or in between slim and skinny woman, but still they are charming and woman with a honest heart. Being so sensitive, there are things that you might take care while on a date with BBW woman. Here are few things that you need take care while on a date.

Show your Gentleman nature - when you are on a date, your woman want you to open a door for her and push a chair to sit. These are all dating manners that every man has to follow. Woman basically loves to date with a Gentleman and like to spend time with them who respect woman's emotions and won't hurt her emotions.

Don't talk about her weight or body size - It is important to make her feel comfortable when she is with you. Pull a chair and open a car door isn't enough for BBW dating. Be a real gentleman and don't ask any question about her body weight, her daily diet or gym routines. This is not at all good and quite inappropriate when you are asking these from BBW woman. Never point out any negatives about your date. If there is something that you don’t like in her, stay it with you and tell her later in phone call or in chat.

Choose the place wisely and don't let her down - you both are going out for a date and your BBW partner told you to finalize a place where to go and spend time together. Take this quite seriously; be wise while selecting a place. Never go for a place that is full of crowed or also have small seats that make your BBW woman a bit uncomfortable.

Never look at other woman - Don't look other women while you are on a date with BBW. As we already said, BBW women's are bit insecure in front of skinny woman because of their plus size body. So, don't make the situation worse for them. Keep all your attention on your BBW hookup and try to impress her in all means. BBW women know that most men like to date a skinny or slim women and that's the fact they have to face this and have to deal with it.

So, it is important to give your complete attention to your BBW woman. No matter to where you are going on a date. Make her feel special - Introduce your BBW woman to your friends and with your family. Make her believe that you truly like to date and stay with her for long. Make her feel special.
Follow these tips and you will sure get a successful BBW date.