Cougar dating, Not a Taboo, But a Trend

In 2013, perspecTVchannel released a video on Youtube: Cougar dating, still a taboo or not, which talks about a rather sensitive topic back then. Now, cougar dating is long-past the taboo period. It is considered as a trend. Increasing number of people is joining the cougar dating rank. According to the users' data in CougarD, a top local hoop up app, the number of members is increasing by nearly 38% per month. Cougars are looking for young, passionate and good-shaped cubs, while cubs are into the mature, sophisticated and sexy cougars. Each party has their own preference and each of them gets want they want.

There are so many cougar hookup examples and some of them ended up in marriage. Who doesn't want young, handsome men with good hair as their boyfriend. Some just do not like to admit it. There's nothing wrong with having preference towards men or women not in your age and there's no law against it. For example, you are a woman over 40, provided that there are two men standing in front of you. Both have huge crush on you. One with good hair, good-shaped body and handsome face without a trace of wrinkle on it, but the problem is that he's only 25. 

The other with a protruding belly, a bald head just like the Mediterranean Sea, and an outdated outfit with an age of 45. If you say you are just into that type of old men, that is absolutely OK. But to be honest and objectively speaking, for most women, even men, it is no doubt that the younger man is more competitive than the older one. If it's not for the public's opinion, I think most women would like to give the younger one a shot, even if it turned out to be not quite the ticket. It's worth it. But for those who choose the older one, they are just going for the safe choice. There's nothing wrong with it.

What is pop star Madonna and Queen Elizabeth have in common? Just as perspecTVchannel said on Youtube, they've both at one point been referred to as being a cougar. Cougar is a term used to describe middle-aged women that go after the affections of younger men. It seems that this cougar dating trend goes particular popular in the celebrity world. Such as TV presenter Caroline Flack, Hollywood actress Demi Moore, and especially pop star Madonna who is 51 and with an age gap of 28 years between her and cub Jesus.

Not only in celebrities, in the history, there are also many examples of significant people being a cougar and dating a younger boyfriend. For example, the Empress of Russia caffeine, the great courting a series of young adult men throughout her lifetime, including one Prince Zubov with an age gap of 40 years. No wonder she was called the great. The grand title for the most famous cougar in history must go to Queen Elizabeth, the first of England. Although often was referred to as the virgin Queen, she certainly was touched more than one time. In 1581, the Queen shared her royal bed with Francois, duke of Anjou, a 26 years old young man, according to perspecTVchannel.

Life is short, enjoy a romance. Be with whatever you like. If possible let the world judge. Who cares! Just