The Best Blogs From Big Girls

Blog is a social network, which was born in about 10 years ago. It has become a platform for people to express their own ideas and share their feeling with others. Chubby girls are not always confident enough to express themselves, but some of them are willing to share their life and experience with others. If you are a big girl, here are some great blogs for you.

1. Plus-Size Princess
The owner of this blog is Cece. She is from Nigeria and living in New York now. Her blogs are not only about ups and downs of her weight but also something about fashion. She says" we can live as we like" and her blogs can inspire people very much. Please check for the detail information about her blog. You can follow her Instagram or YouTube if you want to know more about her.

2. Big Curvy Love
The owner of this blog is Kelly Glover, a plus sized girl from LA. She is sexy and independent. Her blogs are main about fashion and beauty like, how to become attractive and how to find a perfect man? Big girls can learn a lot through her blogs, and her blogs are very popular now.

3. Daily Venus Diva
Daily Venus Diva is a popular blog among big girls. It's a mixture of fashion, beauty and daily news. The rich contents attracted many girls, since it's very useful for not only big girls but also almost all kinds of people. Please check to find something you want.

4. Confessions of a Fat Girl
The owner of this blog is a big girl from Los Angeles. She is a senior blog user. She started to write blog very long before. Her blogs are main about jazz, and how to live a happy life as a big girl, But recently, her blogs are something about politics. Here are some detail information about her blogs on

5. Fat Girl Dating a Skinny Guy
The owner of this blog shares her hookup dating experience with others in a relaxed and humorous way. Her blogs tell big girls how to overcome all kinds of difficulties and date with skinny guys. Her blogs are very popular. You can get detail information by checking

6. The Big and the Beautiful
This is a blog with a positive attitude. It insists on everyone is equal. No matter fat or slim, everyone has the right to enjoy your life. As a big girl, you can also attract guys by your great hobbies and special inner part. It's certain that everyone can find the right one they want. Please check for more information.

7. Large and Lovely
This blog was established in 1997. It's not only club for big girls to meet someone and have a chubby date but a safe platform to learn something useful. Duo to its long history, this site has a large number of followers now, if you want to be one of them, please visit and join in.