CougarD, such an Amazing Online Dating App for Cougar Life

What is CougarD?

There are a plethora of local hook up apps and websites are available for sexual adventures. Unlike most of the dating apps on the market which allow two people to chat and hook up, CougarD is designed for helping people find the right partner for cougar life. It means that CougarD is your royal road to satisfy your fantasies about cougar dating relationship. CougarD provides the platform where you can find the like minded and free-spirited people who are open to sexual experience and freedom. And the benefits of this platform are impressive and they will give you the opportunity to explore the cougar dating relationship.

How dose CougarD work?
Because of its simple navigation, you can learn to use CougarD in a short time. It works like other modern dating app like Tinder. The first step, you can download this app from Apple Store and then install it. The second step is creating an authentic account with a recent and nice picture, adding some basic information such as what is your favorite thing or what do you dislike. Moreover you fill in requirements about your expected partner. And what the next step is starting browsing the interested people. Set the filters and validations to narrow down the results. The system will offer you some profiles as per your conditions. Once you view the profiles, swipe right to show your interest and swipe left to turn down. If the people you interested like you back, then you two can start communicating with each other.

What features can be provided by CougarD?
Before you download the hookup app, you would like to know what are the coolest features that this app has.

Find partner in accordance with your requirements: As a younger man, you want to find the beautiful cougar, then set the filter. As an older woman with a successful career, the cute and handsome man is your type, what should you do to find him? Set the filter. Count on the filter, you can save your time by searching the right one and narrow down your search.

Chatting: Once you have a match, you can chat with him/she freely. This feature help users' save time to chat with someone they have no interest in or with people who have little interest in you. This chatting system of CougarD much better than any other dating apps where people can verge on creepy.

Reviewed account: It is considered one of the best features of CougarD. Everyone who join the CougarD needs to go through a manual account confirmation system which means that it can make sure there are no fake accounts and no time wastes in here. The team are aware of the security is a priority for its members. So the app follows the strict and unbiased profile verification.

No porn: Some people have a mistaken view about online hook up apps and websites are the places where they can post naked photos and dirty videos. While CougarD won't allow that. CougarD is aiming at helping younger men and older women have a place to find their dating partner and share their fantasies about cougar dating relationship. It is more than a dating app, but a community to offer like minded people to share common life and enjoy the relationship freely.