Facts You Don't Know about Having A Threesome

According to a survey conducted in more than 16 states including more than 2.1 millions swingers, only 3% men and 2.3% women have ever tried sex with more than one sex partner. However, more than 69.9% men and 45.6% women say that having a threesome dating have always been on the number one fetish for a long time. There are probably a large number of excuses that they can find to explain why they haven't put their fantasy into practice yet. Whether it is the difficulties they've met while in searching of a special three way partner, or the opposition of their partner to experience the kind of bisexual hookup or kinky dating. There are plenty of useful threesome dating advice that you can find on different couple dating apps such as tinder for threesomes and tinder for couples. But hardly does any site talks about the hidden facts about threesome that most of us don't know about. Let's take a look together in order to know better about the erotic fantasy of many.

It is any thing but boring

So many couples who are in a long term relationship decided to find the three way partner to fulfill their sexual fantasy because it brings fun and tensions to a relationship. The brutal truth is being in a committed relationship for too long can easily make you bored and the fairy tales of price and princess that we heard while growing up are nothing but an unrealistic illusion. That's why looking for tinder hookup can even be considered as an excellent way to fix a relationship which is about to fall apart.

It brings out the real you

If there were less narrow minded people who claim threesome as a taboo, I bet there would be much more people who are brave enough to step out of their comfort zone and put their fetish into action. And you, different from those who live under the social rules, are brave and adventurous enough to follow your heart. Trust, it is only human nature to pursue the pleasure and threesome would be the source of it.

Just do it for reality check

Let's forget all the pros and cons you have heard about having threesome for a moment. Is it good? Or does it really bring all the negative impacts like others say? You get confused, hesitated and at last, lost. So should you or not try out threesome? The interesting fact is that about 5.6% couples seeking women and women seeking couples are looking for threesome, wife sharing or wife threesome only because they are doing reality check. You can only find out after you have actually been there, right?

Protection is of vital importance

Few people knows that aside from an excessive amount of fun, pleasure and tensions, having a threesome also requires much more condoms than you thought. Since you have to change it after every penetration. Couples who have decided to have a threesome are also more likely to get STD test.