Hookup tips to make a better experience

One night dating can be very interesting and fun, but it can be very regrettable and shameful. Whether you are single, just want to relax, or find a one night hookup to spend a night with has become your weekend enjoyment, here are 7 suggestions to improve your free date on dating apps.

First and foremost, make sure you are clean in all the right places. This is like a gift to find friends, and it should be something you should do at any time in the public, but it is especially important in a night when you plan to wear only a lingerie. Nothing is more destructive than taking off the last piece of clothing. The result is a scent of sweat and body odor all day long. That can totally ruin the whole experience.

Keeping clean can not only avoid ruining your mood, but it also allows you to pay attention to personal hygiene and self-expression, which can make a big difference in most cases. So spend another five minutes in the shower, scrub a little hard, wash the back of the ear, then put on some clean clothes and if possible, wear perfume.

Ensure safety
One of the most important things before hooking up is to make sure you are ready and safe. This may be related to your mental state, emotional state, sexual arousal and, most importantly, condoms. Always remember: without gloves, there is no love. When having a one night hookup, it is likely to be with someone you are not familiar with. In other words, you don't know who they are, and they don't know who they hooked up with before you. In order to avoid receiving a phone call such as "I think you made me infected with a sexually transmitted disease" or "I think I may be pregnant" later, it is best to be cautious from the beginning and take protective measures.

Protection can also refer to birth control or other contraceptive measures, but wearing a condom is the safest method. Never blame someone for wanting to use protection or forcing someone to not use protection. Although not wearing condom might be a better experience because some people they are restrained by it, but several minutes of pleasure is definitely not worthy of the risk of bearing with some sexually transmitted disease for a lifetime.

Zero expectations for commitment
If you plan to hook up with someone and hope they will start to like you for real, then stop and rethink. Of course, some relationships stem from a one-night stand after drunkenness or a series of accidental hookups, but that is rarely possible, and they are usually not the best relationship. Let it be just a happy night. If you want and expect more than just a night of joy when you are hook up, you will be hurt and self-loathing the next morning.